Blog News Spotlight — 27 December 2017
Driverless Cars May Be Good For Reading

renaultRenault is the latest first car manufacturer to take advantage of driverless technology. They have partnered with Challenges Group, a publisher of weekly magazines as well, as science and history journals. Carlos Ghosn CEO of Renault in an interview with Bloomberg Magazine, said he sees a future for books, magazine and other “content designed for autonomous vehicles.”

“On-board entertainment” will become much more common from car manufacturers and Renault is one of the first auto producers to get a jump on it by purchases a 40% stake in the Challenges group. It will also be of advantage against such global tech giants as Apple who is manufacturing their own driverless cars that will feature Apple content exclusively.

Challenges CEO Claude Perdriel added: “After smartphones, which opened new channels via digital kiosks, the automotive sector also becomes a tool to share news, with new types of content.”

French and European drivers drive approximately two hours a day.  That’s a significant amount of time to need entertainment. The problem is mass appeal with content. The downside to driverless entertainment–you can be certain there will be advertising.

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