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the enigmatologist - coverA detective unearths a secret that entwines conspiracies involving shape-shifting aliens, Elvis Presley, and Mary Todd Lincoln in The Enigmatologist, a comedic sci-fi/mystery novel by Benjamin Adams

The Engimatologist is “exuberant and winsome all the way through.” – Kirkus Reviews

Twenty-something John Abernathy is disillusioned. His job as a private investigator is unfulfilling, and he can’t find work in his chosen field, Enigmatology, the study and design of puzzles. He is about to quit when the National Enquirer calls. A woman in Las Vegas, New Mexico sent them a photo of someone who’s supposed to have died 35 years ago—Elvis Aaron Presley. And they need John to investigate it.

When the Elvis impersonator, Al Leadbelly, is murdered, John investigates, finding Air Force colonel, Alvin Hollister—convinced Leadbelly has information regarding Elvis’s death—at the crime scene conducting his own investigation. John discovers great-great-great grandfather’s journal—unearthing a conspiracy entwining Elvis, shapeshifting aliens, and Mary Todd Lincoln. When John finds Leadbelly, alive and wearing a sequined jumpsuit, John must help him escape before Colonel Hollister finds him, and discover if Leadbelly is really Elvis, an obsessed fan, or something more.

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About the Author:
ben adams photoBen Adams is a San Francisco Bay Area writer. His work has appeared inEveryday Weirdness, an online literary magazine. He is currently enrolled in Stanford’s Novel Writing Program.The Engimatologist is the first book in a trilogy.

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