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What a pleasure it was to have author Tina DeSalvo join me tonight to chat about her books, life, cajun country, Tante Izzy’s Pain Perdu, and her Friend’s Fight Together initiative to help raise Breast Cancer awareness and support.  Tina and I connected at the RT Booklover’s Convention, so it was extra special for me to have her on the show to catch up, and to learn more about her many passions.  Tina enjoys writing stories where she can use her imagination, humor, empathy, and personal experiences to create characters and situations that she hopes will entertain readers. Her debut book in the Second Chance Novel series, Elli, brought her in close contact with so many readers which she adores. She loves sharing stories, laughs, tears and hugs. Elli was particularly close to my guest’s heart because she drew on her personal experiences as a breast cancer survivor and those of the people she met while undergoing treatment to tell Elli’s story as a breast cancer survivor.  Her latest novel, Jewell: A Second Chance Novel, is Volume 2 in the series.

Jewell Cover - MedBook Blurb:

Once invited into New Orleans’ historic mansions to evaluate prized antiques, Dr. Jewell Duet held a coveted professorship at a top university. With her deep knowledge of Louisiana history and antiquities, she was the go-to person for anyone requiring professional appraisals. But, one hasty decision cost her both her reputation and possibly her freedom. Now, as she waits to discover if her future includes prison, Jewell knows that taking the job at Sugar Mill is necessary if she is to support her beloved grandmother who has advanced dementia.

Charming, sexy lawyer Beau Bienvenu’s attraction to the intriguing historian vies with his distrust of her motives. Beau has one simple goal when it comes to the family that rescued him and made him part of their clan…protect them at all costs. He doesn’t trust Jewell, nor her reason for taking the lowly job at Sugar Mill Plantation. What is she really up to? Is it possible Jewell and her quirky grandmother are there to try to profit from a Bienvenu family mystery? If so, both women are out of luck.

Jewell and Beau are at odds about almost everything. The only things they agree on are that family is everything…and that their mutual attraction is inconvenient.

Hope, Love and Second Chances Continue in the heart of Cajun Country.

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A native of Washington D.C., Lisa Watson writes multicultural novels. Having her debut novel nominated for Best Contemporary Fiction, sparked Lisa to continue creating engaging storylines, strong characters with universal appeal, and a keen sense of humor. Lisa loves traveling, so weaving beautiful destinations into the pages of her novels as lush backdrops, or the heritage of her characters is not uncommon. Lisa's first series for the Harlequin's KIMANI™ line, The Match Broker series, introduced readers to Love Contract, and matchmaking guru, Norma Jean Anderson, aka The Love Broker. Her goal is to have her son, Adrian, and everyone in his immediate circle of friends, happily married—period. Look for book two in the series, Her Heart’s Desire in May 2014, and book three, Love by Design in October 2014. Lisa works at a technology consulting firm, and is the co-publicist for RT BookReview Magazine's annual RT Booklovers Conventions. Married for eighteen years, with two teenagers, and a Maltipoo, Brinkley, Lisa lives outside Raleigh, NC and is avidly working on her next series.

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  1. Thanks Lisa for being such a wonderful host! I thoroughly enjoyed being on Readers Entertainment Radio .com with you! Tina

    • My pleasure,Tina! You’ll have to come back to chat about Abby when it’s released. :)

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