SNEAK PEEK: Crazy Sexy Love by Edie Ramer

Crazy Sexy Love by Edie Ramer part of her Rescued Hearts series! If you love animals you have got to check this out!





Sam Krushing asked Callie Ryan to marry him when they were four­-years-­old…and she said yes.

Then he discovered he wasn’t like other kids. He wasn’t good enough for her. Years later, he’s a
drummer in a Grammy­winning country band, touring most of the year, at the start of a great
career. When he comes home for a week, they can’t resist the pull between them.

She’s a librarian with good friends and a job she enjoys…and a mom who’s not well. Yet she’s
never loved a man the way she loved the boy…

And he’s never loved a woman the way he loved the girl… Only now his love is different. A crazy,
sexy love.

Her love for him is crazy and sexy, too, but she fears he might break her heart again.

And then there’s his stalker…

Life is crazy. Love is sexy. Forever love is scary.




Soon this evening would be over. Done. He could pack up his drums and stop being tortured by the sight of Callie with the asshole.

He played the slow songs on automatic. With the fast songs, he banged the drums as if they were Ken’s big head. Fast and hard, so that the other band members turned to look at him, and Rick, his best friend and the lead guitar player, took it as a challenge and started to rock it out like he was Jimmy Hendrix reincarnated, both of them getting dirty looks from Percy, their lead singer and the bass guitar player. Percy was an okay bass player and singer, but nowhere near as good as him and Rick.

The partygoers loved it, though, stopping dancing to watch them. Including Ken and Callie. Sam kept banging, never out of rhythm, as he stared into Callie’s blue eyes. It was like falling into the ocean at the warmest time of the year.

And she stared back at him, as if she were falling into his eyes, too.

He could feel his blood stirring, quickening, foaming like the ocean on a wild, stormy night.

The song changed, but she moved to the edge of the dance floor and watched him along with a pack of other kids. Guys as well as girls. As if they were watching the birth of a panda or something special instead of just him and Rick blasting it out.

Ken bent to say something to Callie, but she shook her head, still staring at Sam. In the corner of his vision, Ken scowled at her then stomped away.

Sam exulted. Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Hell yes!

He pounded the drums harder, stronger, wilder. Empowered by her attention. He was the gorilla showing his mate how high he could swing on a vine. The tiger showing his mate his hunting skills. The eagle who flew high and far for his mate, showing her how strong and fleet he was. Showing her the great genes he could pass on to their eaglets.

And she was watching him as if mesmerized. As if he were the only boy in the place. And he watched her back, as if she were the only girl.



Edie is funnier on the page than in real life. She lives in southeastern Wisconsin with her husband, dog, and one important cat. She writes romances that often have dogs and cats in them – just as she does in her real life. She’s happy to be able to do what she loves nearly every day.

Connect with her at, Edie Ramer Author on Facebook, and @edieramer on Twitter. She loves hearing from readers.

**25 cents from every CRAZY SEXY LOVE book sold will go to the Washington County Humane Society in Wisconsin.**


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